[TSL] SS Konigin Luise to Sydney, Australia Feb 7th 1920
valerieandhim <> on 03/17/2013

My Great Grandfather Henry Goss aged 39 serving as 3rd ? Cook - born 1881
in Colchester, Essex UK.  Worked for the Orient Line (from information on
1911 census).  This list of crew and passengers for the Konigin Luise
sailing, arriving in Australia on 7th February 1920 is the last record I
can find for him.

His father is Frederick W Goss (blacksmith) born in 1851 in Bardfield,
Essex, mother Louisa Sarjeant born 1852 in Messing, Essex,

He married  Marion Florence O'Brien on 24th September 1904 in Grays,
Essex.  Father to Alice Kathleen born 1906 and Donald in 1914.

He seemed to be travelling alone and assume he came back but totally unsure
as Marion Florence O'Brien remarried in 1940 and is shown as being a widow.

So Henry must have died between 1920 - 1935-40 but where?

No records in UK of death but no further records as working for Orient Line
after 1920.

Valerie Beattie
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