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Susan Swiggum <> on 09/03/2013

Hi P.J.,

Is this one of the records you had found ?

Name:     Catherine Hayes
Arrival Date:     24 Apr 1902
Age:     18
Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1884
Gender:     Female
Port of Departure:     Queenstown, Ireland
Ship Name:     Ivernia
Port of Arrival:     Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name:     Maggie Hayer  [sic]
Last Residence:     Rusheen

Rusheen is listed as her last residence ... not birthplace.   A 
Queenstown (Cork) departure would make sense.  Did Catherine have a 
sister called Maggie who lived in Boston, because that is where she was 
going.   I may have found Katherine with 28 year old sister Margaret in 
1910 census in Newton.   It says her immigration year was 1904 and that 
Margaret was 1902 ... the census taker might have made an error, 
however, the actual year of emigration is the most misremembered part of 
the date on census and naturalization records.

I tried to duplicate the 1910 census record you quoted, but didn't find 
it.    I did find something interesting on the 1910 ZEELAND passenger 
record.    It states that their former residence was Dublin ; that 
Thomas had not been to the US before but she had, from 1902-1910 and 
that they was destined to (his, Thomas) brother-in-law Patrick Hayes, 
142 Church Street, Lowell ....

This might have been her trip back to Queenstown

UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960
Name:     Katie Hayes
Port of Departure:     Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Arrival Date:     26 May 1910
Port of Arrival:     Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland
Ports of Voyage:     Boston
Ship Name:     Cymric
Shipping Line:     White Star Dominion Line

I'll leave it to others to post on the veracity of US passenger records.


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On 9/2/2013 1:25 PM, wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm searching for my great-aunt's emigration voyage from Ireland to the US
> (probably Boston, but possibly New York).  I've searched the Ancestry and
> FamilySearch passenger-list databases over and over again, using every
> search term, wildcards included, that I can think of, and focusing on the
> 1900-1904 period.  I've examined the images of all the potential records
> that those searches revealed.  I can't find her anywhere in that 1900-1904
> period.  I'm wondering if there are some passenger lists that have not yet
> been processed in some way.
> Name:  Katie/Kate/Catherine/Catharine Hayes (all forenames were recorded
> at various times)
> Birth date:  Dec. 24, 1885, according to her Social Security application
> and her NY death record.  But, her reported age varied over the years, as
> did those of many of her siblings.
> Birth place:  Liscannor, Co. Clare, Ireland.
> Parents:  John and Margaret (Claire) Hayes, of Liscannor.
> Emigration year:  1902, according to the immigration date reported on her
> enumeration in the 1910 Lowell, MA, US census and to the immigration date
> on the passenger list, under the name Katie Plunket, for her Oct. 12,
> 1910, arrival in Boston on the Zeeland from Liverpool.  She had traveled
> back to Ireland earlier that year.  On the Zeeland passenger list her
> reported age was 25, so the calculated birth year was 1885.
> Spouse:  Thomas Plunket (actually Plunkett), whom she married in 1910 and
> who accompanied her on the 1910 Zeeland voyage.
> 1.  Have all, and I mean all, the passenger lists for arrivals at Boston
> and New York harbors been microfilmed?
> 2.  Have all the microfilmed records been processed for online viewing?
> 3.  Am I right to think that some records in online databases have not yet
> been indexed, and as a result cannot be found by using the regular
> database search functions?
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> PJ, in Texas

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