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Good day!
I am a member of THE SHIP LIST as I get the emails from time  to time.
I have a question to post.
The Lancaster County PA. Naturalization documents are  excellent.  They 
list the date and ship of arrival.
However, for three of them, I can not verify or find the  departure or 
arrival passenger manifests.  I do know that what they put on  the documents may 
be incorrect as their best guess.  However using Ancestry  I can not even 
find an arrival for the ship close to the date  on  the document.     
Here are the three.  The surname for arrival would be  BEN. Once in the US 
in all cases it was changed to BENN. They all were "Hebrews"  who emigrated  
from the Russian Empire. Some into NYC and others in  Philadelphia  or 
Baltimore. I did check all ports online for each. All went  directly to 
Harrisburg, PA or Lancaster, PA. 
Benjamin C. Ben  July  18, 1899 out of Hamburg, Germany on the ship Bayonne 
into NYC per his  Naturalization documents. There is an outside chance it 
was Benjamin Charles or  Charles Benjamin. He did change is name to Benjamin 
Charles by 1905. I could not  find any arrivals at any port for the Bayonne 
in the 1898 to 1902 period  and could not find him in the 1900 census. In 
fact, I am not sure if the Bayonne  was a ship at that time. 
Albert Ben September 15,  1902 out of Bremen, Germany into Baltimore per 
his Naturalization documents. He  did not know the name of the ship. I think 
he just put a date on the form  as it was required.   I think he arrived with 
his sister Fannie as  Aron Ben out of Bremen on the ship Breslau into 
Baltimore in November 1903.  Evidence is his age is correct and their US contact 
was Uncle David Smith who  was married to their mother's sister. However I 
can not rule out an unknown  sibling named Aaron. 
William Ben March 25, 1907  out of Hamburg, Germany on the ship Graf 
Waldersee into NYC per his  Naturalization papers. Could not confirm arrival of 
the ship in that  month. 
Any info or leads would be  greatly appreciated. 
Sue, way back on March 11,  2009 you solved a problem regarding the ship 
West Point that brought my family  into NYC in 1857. 
David Brener, Lancaster,  PA 
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