[TSL] Sale of the Ship Earl Durham 1845
"Barbara Neish" <> on 11/24/2012

Hello Everyone


I have come upon a news article in The Dundee Courier May 6, 1845 detailing
a court case in connection with my ship-owner GG-Grandfather Captain James
NEISH and 11 Lascar crew of The Ship Earl Durham. My old grandfather may
have held shares in the ship but I believe the main owner was his brother
Thomas NEISH.  The crew had brought the Ship from Madras to Liverpool where
it was to be sold. The dispute concerned the shore accommodation and the
arranged return to India aboard the Ship Nymph.  


My curiosity is twofold.  I had believed that my Captain NEISH had retired
ashore about 1837 and so I am curious to know who Captained the Ship EARL
DURHAM on this 1844/45 voyage.  I had never known it to make a trip to India
- South America and Australia was more usual and often with his
Brother-in-law Captain Cabel serving as Captain. (Although my Captain Neish
spent 30 plus years sailing between India & China). 


I am also unfamiliar with the Ship NYMPH and wonder who the owner and
Captain was, at this time. Of course, I wonder too if the 11 Lascar crew
consented to be aboard - but that may be hoping too much. 


Might someone be able make suggestions ?

Much obliged

Barbara Neish






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