[TSL] "Electric" Hamburg to Melbourne 1856
Brett Weinberg via <> on 01/17/2015


My GG Grandfather, Heinrich Weinberg, came out to Melbourne, Australia on “Electric” from Hamburg, arriving 26 Dec. 1856.

From what I can find out, the ship was purchased from Brower of New York in July 1856 by Robert Sloman and continued to primarily on the North Atlantic route.

Was there another “Electric”, other than the Sloman ship, as the voyage to Melbourne, seemed "out of character” ?

Also, any idea of the cost of a fare in 1856 from Hamburg to Melbourne ? My GG Grandfather doesn’t seem to be an assisted passenger, and I was wondering how much he would need to pay the fare.

Was the route in those days to Australia via Rio ?


Brett Weinberg
Buninyong, Victoria, Australia
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