[TSL] Loss of the vessel 'Europe' in 1874
"railton.david via" <> on 09/24/2014

I am trying to find the full story of the loss pf the ship 'Europe' in 1874
and the attempt at salvage by the ship 'Greece' including the dispute which
followed between the captains of the 2 vessels. I think that I have seen all
the information available from on-line newspaper archives but these do not
appear to provide a complete narrative and nothing is available as to what
happened following the institution of a libel action in New York by Cpt
Thomas of the 'Greece' against Cpt Lemaire of the 'Europe' and Cpt Lemaire's
escape to France. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find a fuller


Would there be a Board of Trade investigation and report of this incident?
If so, where would this information be archived?


If anything was salvaged from the 'Europe' would this be subject to a
separate report and where might that be found?


David Railton 

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