[TSL] Missing Ships.
Roberta Lawson via <> on 05/03/2015

Iam trying to locate any information about 3 ships that my Grandfather was a Cook.
the ships were named the Barque Three Cheers and in 1905 it was in Valparaiso Chile.
The Barque Inverness-shire in 1905 also in Valparaiso Chile.  Then in 1917 he was on-board
the SS Port Lincoln, repatriating Soldiers from the Great War home to Australia.
I have a little bit of information about this ship as she was leased by the Commonwealth
Government at the time.
My Grandfather name was John Edward O’DONALD.    And he is listed as a Cook.
The other too ships I have been unable to find any information about, so am hoping the
some one on the list will be able to help me.
Thanks in Advance.
Roberta Lawson
In Beautiful Sunny Queensland

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