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Susan Swiggum <> on 02/12/2014

Hi Bob,

I guess you found this on TROVE ... /South Australian Register/, Tuesday 
21 September 1852 p. 3

> American Shipping. --- By the /New York Journal of Com//merce,/ 7th 
> June, we find it advertised that the Liverpool Liver Line of packets 
> to Australia will be dispatched as under, sailing about the 5th and 
> 20th of every month --- Lady Head, 1350 tons ; Emigrant, 1100 tons ; 
> Bell Carrigg, 1350 tons ; Sea, 1300 tons ; Reliance, 1300 ; Thames, 
> 1350 ; Flora, 1250 tons ; Argyle, 1000 tons ; Waterlily, 1000 tons ; 
> Fanny, 1400 tons ; James T. Foord, 1300 tons ; Ann Thompson, 800 tons. 
> These ships are all first-class, and sail remarkably fast ; they have 
> handsome poop cabins with spacious and lofty accommodations. The 
> between decks are fitted up in a very superior manner for the comfort 
> and convenience of passengers, each compartment being separated by 
> substantial bulkheads, well lighted and ventilated. All the rooms are 
> enclosed, and each family can have a separate one if required. An expe 
> rienced surgeon is attached to each ship, and they will be dispatched 
> under the inspection of Her Majesty's Emigration Agent. Rates of 
> passage, including provisions : --- First cabin, 45 ; second, 25 ; 
> third, 16 ; steerage, 13. Children under 14 years, half price. The 
> first of those vessels has already arrived, and with reference to the 
> others, we may safely say that they are only a very small beginning of 
> what will follow. The enterprise of "Jonathan" is a sufficient 
> guarantee for this.

The only LADY HEAD I am aware of is the steam-ship which sailed between 
Pictou and Quebec in the 1850-1860's .... probably named for this Lady 
Head "His Excellency Sir Edmund Head, Governor-General, and son, Lady 
Head and daughter " ... he was Governor-General of Canada from 1854 to 
1861 and before that Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick 1848-1854.  He 
ended up as governor of the Hudson Bay Company 1863-1868.   (Interesting 

However, I also found this one ...

Vessel Name: LADY HEAD     Official No.: 9016899
Former Name:     Nationality: Canadian

Constructed Date: 1851
City: Kingston Province: New Brunswick  Country: Canada
Registered   Date: 1852
City: Saint John    Province: New Brunswick
Vessel Description
Rigging Style: Ship
Gross Tonnage: 868
Tonnage Net:     No. of Galleries:
Length:     Hull Build:
Breadth:     Type of Stern:
Depth:     Hull Material:
Propulsion:     Figurehead?: N
Figurehead Description:
Source Reference: Public Archives - ** RG 42 Volume 1346, ** Original 
References Vol.# 135 Reel # C-385/C-386 Page # 137.
Remarks: Transferred to Liverpool.

It rather seems that this might be the vessel mentioned in the article.  
They used to grossly exaggerate the 'tonnage' in these types of 
articles, so it _may_ also be your SEA.   :-}

I cannot find another reference to the shipping line, so likely it was a 
limited venture, or was possibly renamed.   "Liver Line" doesn't sound 
too appealing.    This was curious

> The enterprise of "Jonathan" is a sufficient guarantee for this.

I wonder whether this Jonathan was an investor?

The LADY HEAD arrived at Melbourne from Liverpool on August 27 1852, but 
those arrivals are missing.   I was hoping to find some comment.    The 
EMIGRANT arrived  August 29th ... but it only says "The Emigrant,  
another of the Liverpool liners has brought a large number of 
passengers, all in good health ...."


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On 2/11/2014 8:36 PM, Robert McKenzie wrote:
> G'day List
> Wondering if anyone has come across this Liverpool shipping line in the
> 1850's.
> Have found very little on the web.
> Cheers.....Bob in Oz.

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