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Susan Swiggum <> on 04/05/2013

I've been having a great time with this new find today.   The _search_ 
feature is terrific and use of the results is intuitive.   Sometimes 
when trying to click back to the previous page it needs a reminder, but 
that is my only complaint.   The Welsh newspapers publish articles from 
all around the world which were republished in the Welsh newspapers.

I have included an interesting story below.  I did see _a_ Howe family 
arriving at New York on November 3rd 1867 on two different pages, 
however, they are all English, not Irish, so it is still a puzzle.

Ann Howe 25
Sarah Howe 27
Sarah Howe 59

Charlotte Howe 28
Annie Howe  02

... and a Johanna Howe 19, in cabin.   I don't see any male Howe's, not 
even the brother!



Welsh Newspapers online   1844-1910

Aberystwyth Observer, 21 March 1868 p.3

In the Record Court, in Dublin, a singular case has been tried, which 
lasted two days. A shoemaker, named Howe, who resides in Mallow, went to 
Queenstown with his wife to see off his brother, mother, and three 
sisters, who were emigrating to New York, in the City of Antwerp, one of 
the Inman steamers, in November last. He lingered so long on board 
taking farewell of his relatives that the tender which should have 
brought him ashore went off without him, and he found the vessel 
irrevocably under way, and himself and wife involuntary emigrants, with 
the prospect of a month's voyage for which he had made no provision. He 
appealed in vain, when too late, to the captain and crew to put him 
ashore, and was obliged to complete the voyage, with the additional 
mortification of being charged as a "stowaway" by the tars on board, who 
in answer to his appeals, as he alleged, committed him to very 
uncomfortable quarters. After some difficulty at New York he got back, 
and on his return found his business, as he stated, considerably 
injured, and then brought the action for false imprisonment and 
detention. For the defence evidence was given that repeated signals were 
given to warn the persons on board that the steamer was about to start, 
but that they were disregarded by the plaintiff. Baron Deasy, in 
charging the jury, said he thought no blame was attributable to the 
officers of the company. The jury found for the defendant on all the issues.

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