[TSL] "Success" arr. Van Diemen's Land ( Tasmania ) 20/21Nov. 1849
Brett Weinberg via <> on 01/04/2015


I hope someone may be able to help me out with some queries regarding ancestors who came to Australia on the “Success”, which arrived in Hobart, Tasmania on 21/22 November, 1989.

From some emigration approval documents, I have a date of 25 June, 1849, which I assume is the departure date, but I’m not sure of the port.

What would the route of this voyage be likely to have been ? 

I have a letter which states that my ancestors, Rosanna Ogle and her five children,   “ …  paid 70 pounds to government for our passages here to join my husband in van diemens land without any more expense …” Would this have been the likely usual fare ? 

I’d appreciate any help or suggested sources.


Brett Weinberg
Buninyong, Victoria, Australia
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