[TSL] Ireland to Liverpool mid 1850`s
vicki evans <> on 01/25/2013


Can anyone tell me please if there are any records for people leaving Ireland and arriving in Liverpool in the mid 1800`s.

I am trying to trace the arrival of some ancestors to Liverpool. I know they came from Dundalk, Louth, Ireland first appear on the 1861 census, I think they may have arrived around 1855. I have a written family history which claims they arrived in 1847 and the mother was widowed but I don't think this is right so wondered if they would be recorded on a ships manifest anywhere which would tell me if the father was with them.

I am looking for Mary Campbell, bc1801 Dundlak, Ireland, 4 dusghters (Bridget, Catherine, Lucy and Mary and a son - unsure of his name, Joseph or Nicholas I think). The husband was called Nathaniel Campbell born around 1801 Ireland as well.

I suspect I may be told there are no records but thought it may be worth a shot!

Thank you

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