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Joanna Waugh via <> on 07/07/2015

This ship is indexed on Ancestry as "Germanic" arriving Nov 5 1851. The
writing is hard to read.
Passenger list  is transcribed on

Where did he live in the US and do you have a year of birth?

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> Hello,
> I have been researching an ancestor from Germany who claimed to have come
through NY
> in 1851 on the "Germania".  From his Naturalization record, we know that
George Pfeiff
> came from Hesse Cassel.  However in the Germans to America records, there
is the record
> for George Pfieff (sp. different but this is a general issue) who came to
NY on the Germania
> from Switzerland.  These records indicate that this man was German and not
Swiss.  I have
> to wonder if the Germania sailed from Germany to Switzerland before coming
to the US
> and if this was common?
> Since my ancestor was a jeweler, I am not surprised that he may have been
in Switzerland
> for a time.  I also have not seen the actual record so I am not sure that
his wife and child
> were with him or if they came to the US later?
> This is the only record that I could find that seems to fit my ancestor's
profile.  I would love
> to know if the actual passenger lists exist.  It appears that the Germania
arrived in NY in
> Nov. of 1851, which is a few months later than the Naturalization seems to
suggest.   Still,
> that was probably not uncommon either.
> Any information on this vessel would be most appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Bev W

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