[TSL] SS St Helens details early 1900's.
"Wendy Baker" <> on 12/18/2018


Hi, Does anyone know anything at all about the SS St Helens (or possibly St
Helena)? My great-uncle Thomas Hutchinson Clark had  postcard sent to him by
his brother from Beachport, South Australia in about 1906, c/- SS St Helens,
c/- Cunco Trading Coy, 8-10-12 Jury St, NY, USA. At the top of the postcard
was written "Left the ship" and it was re-addressed to J.M. Ceballos & Co.,
27 William St. City. Thomas apparently arrived in NY about 1903-04. He
married there abt 1911, & died in 1918. I am trying to find out by which
route he may have reached there, and whether SS St Helens went there direct
from Australia (which port??) or from elsewhere, UK perhaps. Thomas's father
had emigrated from UK (near Durham) in 1878. Any information appreciated
please. Cheers, Wendy B.

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