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Dear Listers


I am hoping someone may be able to help me with my query regarding  the ship
"General Caulfield in 1860 on which 10 men died.    The master was W.
Richards and the ship was built in Newcastle in 1859.


Of the 10 men who died at sea a Serjeant King of the RA died of dysentery on
June 8.     The other men of the ship were of different Batns, namely 44th
regt. 50 Rifles, 68th, 69th Regt and 74th Regt and died of either dysentery,
Pythisis, pheumonia, bronchitis.


Because these men were all of different regiments, would they be possibly
being shipped home because they were ill .


My person of interest is Serjeant King [possibly Benjamin, but no christian
name shown] who I am researching and died between 1860 and 1864.


Any information on the ship and it's possible journey in 1860 would be
greatly appreciated.   It's  Official No. was 26879.


Thank you


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