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Susan Swiggum <> on 03/08/2014


I am going to answer the bits I can and add a few links,

First, just to let you know ... the actual YEAR of an event is the most 
misremembered part of the date.   We see it often on census records and 
naturalization papers, for instance.  The year can vary by usually a 
couple of years either way, but I have seen them being off by more than 

If they did arrive via New York, then the Erie Canal would be route they 
would take.  I say "if" because there is a very good chance that they 
may have arrived via Quebec, Canada.  Unfortunately, Quebec Canada did 
not begin archiving passenger lists before 1865.   Sweden did not begin 
keeping the police emigration records until 1869.   There is a good 
chance that you may never know the exact date of their arrival, or the 
name of the vessel.  The 1855 Chautauqua Co. census might be your best 
record of their arrival.  There are no Erie Canal records, so best of 
luck with the NY lists.

There are some early Swedish emigration records, but none from your area 
of Kalmar ... this for instance is not your Caroline  (btw. I used a 
wildcard search Car* Mansd*) and this was the only one in that 
database.  On the off-chance I tried to pair her up with a Sven, to no 

Emigranten Populär, 1783-1951 Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951
Name:     Carolina Månsdotter
Place of Origin:     Horn, Östergötland Län, Sverige
Destination:     Nord Amerika
Record Date:     1852
Database Name:     EmiPass
Occupation/Title:     P
Archive Call Number:     A 118:33
Ship Type:     Ångare

(2)  Gustaf Månson and family are easier to discuss.   They were 
transmigrants via Hull, which means they took a "feeder ship" to Hull, 
then rail to Liverpool on a trans-atlantic vessel.


Orlando was a Wilson Line feeder-ship

Picture of ORLANDO ... both steam and sail

The emigrant Agent, B.B. Peterson, was the agent for National Line, from 
1868 to1878.

National Steam Navigation Company.

I did check and find the family arriving at New York on the ITALY on 27 
May 1872 ..... listed as Norwegian !!  It is indeed your family as the 
names and ages are the same as on the Göteborg, Sverige, 
passagerarlistor, 1869 - 1951.

Picture of ITALY ... note, both steam and sail too

(3)  The Swedish agents after 1869 all represented different steam-ship 
shipping lines, so no, it wouldn't be the same agency.   Your early 
family would have been on a sailing vessel and may have even sailed from 
Hamburg for instance.

I know I haven't answered all your good questions, but I hope I've 
helped a bit.

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On 3/7/2014 10:08 PM, Stephen D. Carlile wrote:
> My Swedish ancestors Sven Petter Hansson, wife Carolina Mansdotter, and
> sons, John Erik Svensson and Sven Magnus Svensson, were all born in the
> Kalmar, Smaland, Sweden area.
> Sven was born 12 Jan 1850 and a census record indicates he immigrated in
> 1851, while his mother's record indicates she immigrated in 1852.
> The family is listed in the 1855 Chautauqua Co., New York, State Census, in
> the town of Harmony, which indicates the family has lived there 3 years. My
> late aunt believed the family first came to Jamestown (also in Chautauqua
> County) before moving to Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa, but I do not have any
> confirmation of that.
> I plan on searching ship lists for this family in 1851 - 1852, but do not
> know where to start, and would appreciate any suggestions.
> (1) Given that travel from the east coast to Jamestown and Harmony in
> Chautauqua County, New York may have been via the Erie canal, should I
> start looking for some type of records regarding travel along the Erie
> Canal, and then look to New York ports, other arrival ports, and then back
> to Swedish departures, or should I begin looking first at Swedish
> departures, then arrivals in New York, and then the Erie canal?
> I am assuming, of course, that a shipping company probably booked the
> travel from Sweden through the port of New York, and then with another
> local company from New York on the Erie canal to Lake Erie and Jamestown. I
> don't know if railroad travel from a New York port to Jamestown was
> completed by then, and think it may be better to search "on the water" for
> my first attempt at locating my family on ships, than to digress to
> railroad traffic after arriving in America.
> Carolina Mansdotter had a brother, Gustaf Mansson, whose family
> also emigrated from Sweden about 20 years later, 3 May 1872, and ended up
> in Lucas County, Iowa close to his sister. A Swedish researcher found the
> family listed on passenger lists in the Police Chamber or Goteborg. The
> ship was the "Orlando" destined for Hull, England. The emigrant agent was
> B. B. Petersson. I am told that the "Orlando" was not the type of ship that
> would have crossed the Atlantic, but one that could have taken passengers
> from Sweden to England, where they would have transferred to a larger,
> ocean crossing vessel.
> (2) If the ship named "Orlando" did not cross the Atlantic, (a) would Hull,
> England be the port from which passengers would depart for America, or
> would the passengers have had to travel overland to another port in England
> or Ireland before boarding an Trans-Atlantic ship? (b) Where would I look
> for such records, or are there any?
> (3) What are the chances that, even though the emigrations are 20 years
> apart, both parties used the same agency for travel to America?
> Thanks for your help and suggestions.
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