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Thomas SPEIGHT, born Bingley, W. Yorkshire 28 Dec 1801 was 28 years of age
when he left Liverpool and sailed aboard the Brig Lunar, arriving at the
Port of New York on 5 May 1828.  I have a microfilm copy of the "List or
Manifest of Passengers" (21 names) to which Albert Putnam has appended his
signature as Master of the ship.  According to family lore Thomas spent
several years in the southern United States before settling in Markham,
Ontario; other information suggests he was residing in Markham by 1830.
Where did Thomas spent the years between the time he arrived at New York and
the time he settled in Markham?  How did he get to Markham?  I'd also like
to know when he was joined by his wife Martha SPEIGHT (nee Drake) and
children John SPEIGHT (b. Bingley, W. Yorkshire 15 Dec 1822), Samuel Drake
SPEIGHT (b. ca. 1824-25) and Alice SPEIGHT (b. 8 Jan 1827).  

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