[TSL] Best Path To Follow?
"Carl Nash" <> on 07/08/2019

Several cousins and I have been trying to locate our mutual GGG 
grandfather's route to Nova Scotia in 1814-1820, William George 
(Francis) Shatford from England with his brother, most likely London.  
He supposed served aboard the HMS Java when it was captured and sank off 
the the coast of Brazil in 1814.  Taken prisoner, Shatford was placed 
ashore with over 300 other POW's and eventually returned to England 
aboard two Portuguese caravels.  He would have been about 12-14 years 
old so served as a "Boy," if he served at all.  He does not appear on 
any crew lists or POW lists and was indentured as a cooper at the time.  
We have no idea of the ships that arrived during that period or their 
passengers' lists.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thanks 
much, Carl Nash

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