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"keith foster" <> on 06/13/2013

Question 1. On the Manifest for the Mahana leaving Liverpool for New Zealand
April 1920, people are listed with cabin numbers except the one I am
interested in which has the initial I.O.S. What does I.O.S mean?.
Question 2. On the same ship I have the record when they boarded which said
they were going to Auckland. I also have the arrival manifest which lists
them as disembarking in Wellington. This makes a lot of difference when
trying to find them in New Zealand in the first few years of their life
there. Which would be most accurate?. The disembarkment manifest is a list
divided up into ports where they left. The first list is with the National
Archives in London and reproduced on Findmypast, the second is from the
National Archives in Wellington and digitised on Familysearch.
The names concerned are Mr E and Mrs L Tizzard. I.e. Edward and Louise.
Findmypast have incorrectly indexed Mr E and Mr L but when your see the
entry it is obvious how that mistake could be made.


Keith Foster

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