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Hi Janette

> I am trying to track a John Colin Watson , who was reportedly 
> born in
> Gainsborough, England in 1818.

 His headstone in Waverely Cemtery say he was from Lincolnshire
 His wife is in same grave . Both have notices in the SMH

 I have also tried finding just 'John Watson'. He
> married in Sydney in 1853.

To Honora NUGENT

 I can't find him in any arrivals that I searched.

 Neither can I .

> He lived in Balmain, Sydney, apparently having worked for a 
> short time in
> Queensland after he arrived.
> He returned to England sometime around 1865 to collect an 
> inheritance, but
> again I can't find him departing or returning (which he did). I 
> believe he
> had links in Gainsborough and Grimsby as the houses he later 
> built are so
> named (from his inheritance).He appears in Sydney census in 
> 1868.

 Was no census was done in that year  . Was one done 7 Apr 1861 
and the next one 2 Apr 1871
All docs  were destroyed

His name comes up a few times in the Sands PO dirs . He left a 
will  See :

Type in John WATSON death........ Its mis indexed under John Cohn 

Also someone has family info about him in Ancestrys private trees


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