[TSL] POLARIA Hamburg to NY 1882
Jeff Coleman via <> on 06/30/2015

Those with ancestors who travelled on this ship, and others, may be interested in the description on page 5 of the 'Cambrian', the local Swansea newspaper, dated 7th July 1882.

You may find it online at, starting at the lower part of column 2.

The Polaria, 4000 tons, built in Newcastle, called in at Swansea for bunker coal and some cargo (tinplate) , and seems to have been the first emigrant ship from Germany to have called at the port. The single class of passengers was contrasted with British emigrant ships, and other comments about the ship, and the appearance of the emigrants, may prove of interest. She had 58 crew and 731 emigrants.

Bear in mind that modern concepts of 'political correctness' about what could be written in newspapers did not apply.

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