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asprey david <> on 08/22/2013

On 22 August 2013 David Railton wrote
I have seen a marriage record from 1869 Calcutta which refers to the father
of the groom as being of the 'H.M. str. Sir William Peel'. I assume that
this is an abbreviation for Her Majesty's steamer 'Sir William Peel'. I
know that this would have been a Calcutta based vessel probably owned by
the Government of Bengal and probably operating on the River Hooghly.
Can anyone give me any information about this ship?

SIR WILLIAM PEEL was owned by the Bengal Marine, which was indeed based at
Calcutta, but she was a river steamer that operated on the River Irrawaddy
in Burma.
Not much information so far to hand:

391 tons, paddle 120nhp
She was in commission by 1871 and still in service in 1887.

There is apparently an 1875 photograph of her in an album in the Irrawaddy
Flotilla Company collection at the National Maritime Museum.

David Asprey
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