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Susan Swiggum <> on 03/01/2013

                           *new* for TheShipsList website

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed on their 
own page(s) Find them on the front page in between the big arrows
                            --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links named " 
previous month " and " next month " so you are able to navigate back and 
forth between the monthly *new & updated* pages, as I only keep three 
months of *new* page links on the Home page.  New for February 2013 is . . .

    o Ship Arrivals:
      o Ships to Quebec 1831 (still in progress)

Coming along slowly, but keeping up with the steamboat passenger lists.

    0 Immigration Reports:
      o Immigration Reports for Adelaide, 1866 (October report added)

These reports are terrific ... I am finding them on Trove.

    o Passengers:
      o South Australia
        o ship British Lion, from London via Plymouth to Port Adelaide 
14th July 1866
ship Ernestine, from London via Plymouth to Port Adelaide 4th September 1866
      o Quebec Steamboats
        o Chambly - 8th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 3rd June 1831
        o St. Lawrence - 7th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 5th June 1831
        o Chambly - 9th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 8th June 1831

Two more 1866 vessels with assisted emigrants, for South Australia.   I 
didn't see any babies named for these two ships, However, Mark John 
BERRY and wife Sarah Ann (SHIRE) did have a baby born on 09 Sept 1866, 
called British English Lucy BERRY. I'll bet she had to keep explaining 
her name.

If anyone has emigrants arriving through Quebec in 1831 should keep 
their fingers crossed that they are aboard the CHAMBLY.  They are pretty 
clear and the compiler actually includes names rather than initials for 
the most part, and also instead of saying that accompanying passengers 
are either "adults' ot "friends" includes comments like ... wife ... 
brother ... sister and mother.

I have uploaded one page from CHAMBLY 8th trip up, 3rd June 1831, to ask 
anyone interested, to take a crack at some of the names ... eg. 118-119 
| 134 (that one is a doozy) | 166   .... and any others which I may have 
mistranscribed.  I would love to get some feedback posted TO the list so 
anyone can weigh in.

The ST. LAWRENCE unfortunately was badly filmed, clear at the top of the 
page and out of focus and blurred at the bottom, but I have been trying 
to pluck out initials and partially names.

Please share this *new* for TheShipsList website email, with any other 
list to which you belong if you think it might be of interest or value 
to those list members (in other words, on-topic).
Enjoy !!

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