[TSL] Brig called Scipio - 1814
"Barbara Neish" <> on 02/28/2013


There was a firm named Bonner & Horsburgh, shipbuilders, situated in Sulkea
or near Calcutta in India in the late 1700s, early 1800s.  I know they built
the Hindostan and the Severn and they sailed from India in 1813 - both sold
to the Royal Navy upon reaching England and renamed, the HMS Buffalo and the
HMS Camel, respectively.

I am try to locate any other Ships built by the same Company. 

I have heard that, a Brig called SCIPIO, Owned by a J Bonner, made a voyage
in 1814. I know nothing about the beginning or destination of the Brig.
With this scant detail, do I have any hope of learning about this or any
other ship built by James Bonner ?


Much obliged for any thoughts

Barbara Neish



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