[TSL] "Hibernia" lost children. February 1832
"Murray Reid" <> on 11/11/2016

Yesterday I spent some time arranging the 232 people aboard this ship into
gender groups, families, lost and perished.

I was astonished to find that seven mothers and their 22 children perished
while their seven fathers were saved.

Remember there was only death amongst the 80 who managed to get into

Therefore 100 adults and 52 children either died by fire or drowning as the
ship floundered.

I would expect that parents would make every attempt to keep their family
units together and if they failed to do so it would have been because of
factors beyond their control. 

Under normal circumstances I would think that some crew and male adults
would board the boats first, and then help those less able such as women and
children to board. Remembering that it is no easy task getting into a small
boat from a large ship.

As 17 of the 23 crew survived I have come to the sad conclusion that the
crew actively prevented many mothers, single women and children from getting
into the boats.

I am aware that there was an inquiry into the loss of the "Hibernia" and
there was some focus on the number and condition of the ships boats. Was
there also a focus on the losses, that would seem to me to be out of kilter
with expectations?

Is the inquiry able to be searched?

Murray Reid




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