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Susan Swiggum <> on 02/03/2014

                            *new* for TheShipsList website

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed on their 
own page(s) Find them on the front page in between the big arrows
                                  --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links named " 
previous month " and " next month " so you are able to navigate back and 
forth between the monthly *new & updated* pages, as I only keep three 
months of *new* page links on the Home page.  New for January 2014 is . . .

   o Passengers:
     o South Australia
       o ship Glenlyon, from London to Port Adelaide July 3rd, 1874
       o barque, Limari, from London to Port Adelaide July 5th, 1874
       o ship Darra, from London to Port Adelaide July 14th, 1874
       o ship Martha Birnie, from London to Port Adelaide August 19th, 1874
     o Quebec Steamboats
       o John Molson - 10th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 26th June 1831
       o St. Lawrence - 12th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 28th June 1831
       o John Molson - 11th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 2nd July 1831

Four short-ship lists of assisted emigrants to South Australia for 1874. 
  I can't know for sure, but I imagine those arriving via these cargo 
ships, may have had a more comfortable voyage.   The DARRA passengers 
seemed happy with their voyage ... I wonder who misbehaved during 
services   <smile>

Three more steamboat passenger list for 1831.   Some annoying entries 
with initials only.  These lists were compiled for accounting purposes 
only, however, some compilers were far more diligent than others, and 
have really helped researchers.

   o Ship Arrivals:
     o Ships to Quebec 1831 (second page finished up to August)

I'm glad to be adding more newspaper accounts, as this 2nd page includes 
the arrivals of some of the Chelsea Pensioners to Upper Canada, 
1830-1839 (two pages), aboard the Hebe, from London, the Mint from 
London, and the Kingston, from Waterford.

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