[TSL] Researching Thomas Hutchinson Clark
Wendy Baker via <> on 10/17/2015


Am trying to trace the movements of my great-uncle Thomas Hutchinson Clark
born 30 May 1885 Beachport, in the south-east of South Australia. His father
was Robert William Clark(e) (emigrated from Bridge End, Startforth, UK, in
1878) and his mother Annie Jane McEwen Clark(e) (nee Smith). 


Thomas was the eldest son, with Herbert Hinde Clarke (b. 1885) and William
Clarence Clarke b. 1893. His sisters were Emily Louisa (b.1883), and Ada
Clarice (b.1890). The five children's mother Annie died aged only 35 from


Family rumours were that Thomas emigrated to America but nothing more was
known. I managed to find two of his descendants who supplied me with a lot
of information including his death in New York, but no one knows exactly
how/when he got there from South Australia. It is possible that Thomas
returned to his father's village of Bridge End, Startforth in Yorkshire,
perhaps to visit family, and went from there to New York.


His death certificate states that he arrived in America 1903/1904 and the
1910 US census shows his occupation as an ironer in a shirt collar factory,
residence Troy Ward 13, Rensellaer, New York. At the time of the census he
was aged 25 yrs, married to Caroline Moon Van Pelt aged 19 yrs.  However he
became a worker/captain on the N.Y. barges, sustained a smashed ankle in a
work accident, and died 6 Jun 1918 following surgery, buried 9 June in
Woodlawn Cemetery. Thomas and Caroline had 3 children - Elliot (b.1914),
Arline (b.1917) and Caroline Mildred (b.22 April 1918) - which means that
Thomas' wife was widowed with a 4 year old, a one year old, and a baby of
only 2 months.


I have tried to find information from immigration/emigration lists and
shipping lists but can find no record of his leaving Australia. Any
assistance would be appreciated please.


W. Baker.





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