[TSL] Colonial Trading Ship/1854/UK to Aus?
Gene Bear <> on 03/30/2014

I am trying to trace my 2G Grandmother’s arrival in Australia. 

She was Mary GAHAGAN (1823-1899), the widow of John Charles TAPNER, who was the last man hung in Guernsey on 10 Feb 1854.

The locals set up a subscription to send her and her 3 sons to “…one of our purely agricultural settlements…” , but not by “…emigrant ship … but by a private trader, belonging to a colonial company…” (Guernsey Star 11.2.1854)

As she has married my 2G Grandfather, William Ward JACKSON 7 months later, in Launceston on the 14 Sep 1854, it seems obvious that the Colony was Tasmania! I’m quite sure that she used a pseudonym in the voyage, (and her 3 TAPNER boys were known as STANFORD), though she is married as Mary TAPNER, Widow, to William JACKSON.

I suspect that William Ward JACKSON may have been crew on that Trader, as he had been in the Royal and then Merchant Navies. However, the last Reported outward voyage I can find for him on the Merchant Navy lists is 1853. (There is no Reported Voyage Home)

While there’s great listings available for Convict and Emigrant Shipping, I’m not too sure of the Trading Companies at this time. 

Does anyone have some expertise in this area??

Any suggestions??

All the best


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