[TSL] Searching for immigrant to U.S. Barbara Frahs
Janet Winter <> on 04/04/2018

Hi All

My husband's maternal great grandparents came to the U.S. separately.
Anton Frahs departed Hamburg on June 15, 1883 on the ship Verona -
Port of Arrival was Leith in Scotland. We don't know the ship he boarded
there but his destination was New York.

His wife was pregnant with their first child, so we assume he made the
crossing first to prepare a place for her when the baby was born.

Her name was Barbara (Chinelik sp?) Frahs (have seen her name as Barba)
and the newborn who made the crossing with her in 1884 was Bettie Frahs.
We've been unable to find any information about the ship(s) they came on
to the U.S. or their port of arrival. We presume her destination was New York.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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