[TSL] "Duke of Norfolk" arr Townsville, Qld - Aug 1900
"PMR" <> on 09/21/2018

Greetings Listers

                     My grandmother, Catherine Wilson CORNELIUS, a 
native of Ayrshire in Scotland, arrived in Townsville, Queensland, 
Australia on board the British-India Company Steamer "Duke of Norfolk" 
in August 1900.

                     Does anyone know anything about this voyage please? 
Where it would have started and when? I found an account of much of the 
voyage in the /Brisbane Courier/ of 16 Aug 1900, but these questions 
were not addressed.

                     I'm also wondering how a young Scottish woman heard 
of the voyage.

                     Any help will be gratefully received.

                     With many thanks.


                     Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

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