Re: [TSL] Ireland ships 1838-1842
Susan Swiggum via <> on 03/27/2015

On 3/26/2015 4:15 PM, Deanna Cassidy via wrote:
> Looking for ships that emigrated the Irish people out of Ireland 1838-1842 which sailed to Quebec Canada.
> AND OR passenger  lists of people departing from Ireland 1838-1842 who ended up in Quebec.
> Nothing listed on your site.
> Have checked everything on our site. Have also checked ancestry ca&  com
> Any suggestions or ideas of where I might find emigration for this period.
> Thanks, Deanna
Hi Deanna,

That period is pretty much "black-hole" for passenger records 
unfortunately.   The records for steam-boats from Quebec to Montreal 
have not survived for that period either.

I do have some partial lists of newspaper list of vessels arriving at 
the port of Quebec, here ...

... also, a handful of surviving passenger list for the period here ...


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