[TSL] Quebc City - Moville, Irleand arrival 1887 Aug 19
Jorgensen Histed <> on 02/04/2017

 I am searching for the name and passenger list of a ship that left Quebec City and was to reach Moville, Ireland on August 19, 1887.  
According to a handwritten account in my possession, the ship left from Quebec City and rounded the Gaspe, Quebec peninsula on August 12 1887.  The passage was marked by storm after storm and many of the passengers were sick.   The Reverend McThomas from London (Ontario?, UK?) "prayed to our heavenly Father to spare our lives if it was His will".
According to the account: "We expect to get off at Mouble [Moville].  A tug comes along side & takes us to Derry.  The Capt[ain] expects to reach there Friday Morning the 19th".
Among the Cabin passengers were Robert Stanley Weir (born 1863 Canada, Advocate) and his father-in-law Alexander Douglas (born c1833 Ireland, Boot & Shoe Manufacturer/Merchant) both of Montreal.
Weir and Douglas returned to Canada aboard the SS Sarnia leaving Liverpool September 2nd, leaving Londonderry the 3rd arriving Quebec City September 13, 1887.
I have searched, FindMyPast, Library and Archives Canada (online),  UK Archives, PRONI, Google to determine the ship's name and passenger list of the Quebec City - Ireland voyage without success.  
Does anyone have any suggestions where I might locate this information?

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