[TSL] Reasearching John Shaw leaving Buenos Aires for England
steval via <> on 07/30/2015

Hi List,

My grandfather John William Shaw was born in Buenos Aires in 1892. He was listed on the 1895 census of Buenos Aires and then between that date of 1895 and 1905 (when he was put into the British Navy) he left for England.  His guardian on his naval entry stated a Laura Annie Robinson, of 5 Gloucester Road, Coleford, Gloucestershire.  He also had a brother Thomas born 1894 in B.A. whom I suspect also left with him for England.  His parents names were John Shaw (Scot) and Adelaide Robinson (Eng.)  My grandfather said that they were killed in a horse and carriage accident but I do not know when.
I have tried searching for him but could not find anything.   I am hoping someone on the list will try and help me find his ship’s name and year of departure.  It would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
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