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John Goold via <> on 08/22/2015

Hi listers,

I have recently discovered a wonderful newspaper source for information about ship sales and cargoes.

The Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, London, 1805-1871, carried advertisement for the sale of ships, either by private contract or “sale by the candle”.  This meant that the auction was not decided by the fall of the hammer, but instead the highest bid won when a small candle had burnt out, usually a 1 inch candle.

As well as the sale of ships, the paper carried a lot of advertisements for the sale and auction of various ship’s cargoes. While most simply list the cargo and quantity, quite a few also show the name of the ship the cargo was from, i.e. 100 bags mother-of-pearl ex the Sarah from Bombay.

I’ve used Findmypast to access this newspaper.

For someone like myself who is researching one ship this extra information is wonderful to find.

By the way, does any one else have issues with Findmypast and the speed at which documents load?  They seem very slow to me compared with other sites.

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