[TSL] Argonaut 1866
" Judy Weber" <> on 09/22/2013

     Our ancestor's sister, cousin, and step-father arrived in New York, 3
Aug, 1866, aboard the ship Argonaut, according to Germans to America. The
ship had sailed from Bremen several weeks earlier. I have not found this
voyage's manifest transcribed on the Internet. However, I found an Argonaut
described on an  earlier 1866 voyage from Christiana to Quebec with details
of travel at that time. Would both of these voyages be the same ship
Argonaut? Could our ship Argonaut that left Bremen actually have been
continuing  a journey that had begun in Norway? I found the details of
travel at that time very interesting. Is it incorrect to assume that details
of ship travel that applied to Norwegians would also apply to Bavarians?

Judy W. 

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