[TSL] "The Peggy" put of Philadelphia
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I am wondering what information can be found on "The Peggy", that sailed out of Philadelphia, Pa. circa 1757.  My ancestor, Richard McWilliam purchase marine insurance for this vessel that year. Richard McWilliam was the head of the Orphan's Court and Recorder of Deeds for the State of Delaware.  His wife's name was Margaret.  I have been trying to determine his family history prior to coming to Pennsylvania and then to Delaware some time between 1735 and 1740.  Supposedly he came from Dublin but I have found very little proof of that.

I would love to know where the Peggy sailed and if others were involved?  It appears that she may have been used in bringing goods from the "Islands" back to PA and DE.  Are records available for this early time?


Bev W

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