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>   My g grandmother, Alice Pritchard, returned from Australia on board the INDUS with her new born daughter, Georgina, arriving London, England ca December 1876. Does sks have any knowledge of this voyage particularly any passenger lists and/or photographs/ drawings of the Ship please?Ray Jones,Ontario, Canada
Ray, you don't mention where in Australia she sailed from.   I think 
Marg is right about Queensland.  This ad from the Rockhampton Bulletin, 
Wednesday 16 August 1876 .. p. 1

For London.
THE favourite ship
INDUS, now on the eve of
her departure from Moreton Bay
for London, can take a few first
and second-class passengers and light freight.
Has superior accommodation, and sail in
about a fortnight.
Early application is neccessary to either
Agents, Brisbane,
GE0. B. 8HAW,
Agent, Rockhampton.

A partial description after her late February 1876 arrival ..

Ship Indus. The iron built barque, Indus, 1319 tons, commanded by 
Captain Edward Hunt

This from the Brisbane Courier Tuesday 5 September 1876, p. 4

The Indus, barque, for London, clears at the
Customs today, with a full cargo of wool and
other produce The following passengers joined
the vessel, which is lying at the anchorage,
Moreton Bay, by the Emma, s., yesterday after
noon -
Saloon: Mr A.E. Nosotti
Second cabin:
Mr and Mrs George King, Mr and Mrs  J
Thompson and 2 children, Mrs J Blaker and
child, Mrs Pritchard and child, Mrs J Von
Asper and 2 children, Mrs M C Miller, Miss
Mossop, Miss A Thomas, Miss E. J Higgins,
Miss Bessie Little, Messrs A O Wood, W J
Blaker, J Skeldon, Andrew Miller, and H

The 's' after EMMA indicates steamer.   INDUS is shown as a "London 
Line" vessel, but I don't have further information about that company, 
or the vessel.


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