[TSL] James Brand
Vern Prescott via <> on 11/20/2014

Hi All

I have recently discovered that my grandfather, John William PRESCOTT,
joined the crew of the Empress of Britain 26 Dec 1907 until 18 Jan 1908.
The crew list says he was previously employed, 1n 1907,  on the James Brand.

If anyone on the list has information on the James Brand, would you please
contact me.  I would be interested in knowing where the James Brand sailed
and how long my grandfather might have worked on her.

Also, can someone please tell me where I might find other information about
my grandfather's employment in the merchant marine.  I seem to remember
that many of the crew lists and such are kept somewhere in Newfoundland,
while some are kept in England.  I believe I contacted the Newfoundland
depository a number of years  ago but about someone else.  I no longer have
their information.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

Vern in Canada
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