[TSL] update to ADALIA 1872
Susan Swiggum <> on 12/13/2013

The ADALIA was wrecked on St. Paul's Island, on passage from London, via 
Plymouth, to Quebec in 1872 ; there was no loss of life.

The late, beloved list member Harry Dodsworth had contributed extra 
details.   A few weeks ago a descendant of one of the families, whose 
surname had been almost illegible, contacted me.   Colette's family were 
the Creeper / Horne family and she had written an article which included 
some memories of the family which in turn added more detail to the 
wrecking.   I asked Colette if I could include her article and she was 
delighted I asked because she is anxious to be able to connect with 
other descendants of the wrecked passengers.   I have included a link to 
her email address.

If anyone has any connection to families aboard, or knows someone who 
does, or even 'might' please share this email with them.


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