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> In the London Times of 12 Apr 1852 is an ad
> For Port Adelaide direct (last shipping
> day 12th May, under charter to Government, and has only room
> for a few tons of goods, the nearly new ship OMEGA, A 1, 705 tons
> register, S. POTTER, Commander; lying in the London Dock. This
> splendid first-class ship made a very fine passage to Adelaide last year,
> and has just come home from Bombay in 97 days. She has a full poop,
> with spacious accommodation for families, and will embark passengers
> if required at Plymouth. For freight or passage apply to Captain
> Potter, on board, who has just returned from Adelaide; or to
> Lachline and M'Leod, 62, Condall.
> She appears in the Ship News in the Times many times as she made her
> voyages over that time period.
> Regards..
> Marj

Thanks Marj

That's the clue I was looking for .. have now found she was Omega  of London
Official Number 13684 and there are crew lists at MHA including 1867 so
looks like I may even find a record of his death on the voyage



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