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I am looking for a picture of the Great Lakes wooden schooner, F.R.

Any leads would be appreciated.


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In the autumn of 1866, Captains Joseph Jackson, Soloman and David Sylvester
bought the Tranche Montagne, in partnership with Mr. Caleb Giles, Capt.
See:  Prominent Men of the Great Lakes

Ship Registration IndexName of Vessel: F.R. TRANCHEMONTAGNE
 Year of Registration: 1864
 Type of Vessel: Wooden Schooner
 Port of Registry: Montreal, Quebec
 Where built City/Town/Other: Lanoraie
 Province/State: QUE
 Date of Construction (YYYY): 1864
 Gross Tonnage: 133
 Net Tonnage: 126
 Remarks: Wrecked at Oswego, New York, U.S.A. in October 1880
Registry closed December 3, 1880
 Official Number: 46231
 Reference Record Group: 42
 Volume: 1388
 Complementary References 1 Old Volume: 177
 Microfilm Reel #: C-2466
 Pages: 146,209,212

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