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"Robert McKenzie" <> on 05/11/2013

G'day List
I have been researching this Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada ship for a
number of years without much seeming to happen! But the last few months have
seen a flurry of research and 'finds' that you may be interested in.
The SEA made three voyages to Australia with government immigrants. In 1849,
51 and 53, before being wrecked on Nepean Reef, near Melbourne on the return
voyage, via Callao, Peru to Liverpool on May 31st, 1853. 

The wreck has not been positively identified, but local divers believe they
know of her wreck, and in the last weeks I have obtained a permit to remove
some samples of timber from this wreck, to see if they are Tamarack, a type
of larch. The SEA had Tamarack in her construction, and is the only wreck on
Nepean Reef that would have this timber.

Recently I have been able to confirm, from my research, that the SEA had a
bird figurehead when constructed and sold to Liverpool. The Nepean
Historical Society, not far from Nepean Reef, have in their museum, an
unidentified bird figurehead that was donated to them by a local family in
the 1970's. This figurehead, according to family members, was in the
backyard of a family members home for some 120 years. That would mean it
could be from the SEA. The figurehead timber is grown around Saint John, NB,
and so far there is nothing to disprove the believe that this figurehead is
from the SEA. 

On June 1st, next there will be a commemoration of the 160th anniversary of
the wreck of the SEA at the Nepean Historical Society, when the society will
display the figurehead for the first time, prior to it being conserved. 

Hopefully in the near future, the provenance of the figurehead can be proven
to be from the SEA, and the wreck is identified as that of the SEA.


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