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> Looking for a free settler / soldier list of those aboard the 
> *Heber* as
> well as the type of vessel the *Heber* was please.
> *Heber*  travelled from Dublin, Ireland to Port Jackson, New 
> South Wales,
> Australia with convicts and the 80th Staffordshire Regiment, as 
> well as 6
> soldier's wives and children.
> I believe that one of the soldiers was Abel Hardman, and I am 
> hoping that 3
> of the "soldier's wives and children" are his wife Mary, and 
> their two
> daughters Sarah & Hannah.


 Maybe info to be found in


The 'Heber' was a ship c 440 tonnes.  Somewhere there is a list 
of ship descriptions> like what is a schooner, Barque etc , but I 
cant find it


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