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Susan Swiggum <> on 11/13/2012

Hello Susan Ann,

Nils was a transmigrant, which means he departed from Norway on a 
smaller feeder-ship to Hull, England, then by rail to Liverpool where he 
embarked on the transatlantic ship BALTIC (details from other listers)


So, I will now chime in too with the record of his departure from 
Kristiania (Oslo) aboard the Wilson Line feeder-ship SALMO, destined to 
Hull, England.   I haven't searched the Norwegian Digitalarkivet for a 
while, but I did find him, my comments in the column headers in [ ] ...

Transaction [Registration] date     Date of departure     Given name     
Last name     Marital status [g = gift = married]    Occupation     Sex 
     Age     Date of birth     Domicile     Destination     With cash 
     Line     Ship     Freight (kr)  New occup.      Permission     Remarks

     19.02.1906     23.02.1906     Nils Petter     Johans. Falkenberg 
     g     maler     m     32         Lillehammer (Rødenes)     Chicago 
     100     Elster     Salmo     189             maler         Fripas 
     a. straffet Udygtig

maler = painter
Elster = Ferdinand J. Elster, the White Star Line agent in Kristiania in 
Fripas = Free Pass
a. straffet Udygtig = ... not sure, but could indicate "unfit," for 
Military service ?

Here is the information about the SALMO

Now you have the full picture of his journey ... I'm sure many others 
would love to have their ancestor's emigration "fleshed out" so well.  :-}


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On 11/12/2012 9:44 PM, wrote:
> Thank you to the several suggestions I have received. The name of the passenger is Nils Falkenberg and
> as I wrote in my previous posting, it is said the ship left Norway on 23 Feb 1906. I will search some of the
> suggestions and thank you for any further assistance.
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> I am searching for a passenger on the 'Baltic' which reportedly left Norway on 23 Feb 1906.
> I don't know the port it left from, or arrived to. I am assisting a friend and this is all the information
> their family has. I have checked for the family member on board this ship at Ellis Island website
> and Transcriber Guild. Can anyone advise where else I might search online before I write to
> the National Archives to request a search. Thank you.

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