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Just guessing with this suggestion as to 'off the port' might refer to.

In Nelson (NZ) the actual berths for ships is inside a natural several 
mile long breakwater called The Boulder Bank (it's actually all boulders 
swept along the coastline by the currents over many thousands of years.

Overseas ships lie at anchor outside the Boulder Bank until high tide 
when they can enter into Nelson Haven and tie up at the wharf to 
unload/load their cargoes.

In the early days of settlement the only entrance to the port area was 
through a narrow channel between the end of Haulashore Island and a 
fairly large rocky outcrop in the gap between the Island and the coastal 
area of Nelson.   This rock was originally named, "Arrow Rock" after one 
of the early sailing ships which was wrecked as it came into the haven 
but is now known as Fifeshire Rock - also one of the early ships wrecked 
in the area.

This was fine for the smaller sailing ships of the early colonisation 
era but progress in shipping and larger vessels required a rethink - and 
the gap was blasted through between the northern end of the Island and 
the Boulder Bank to allow the larger ships to come in and tie up at the 

(The gap has to be continually dredged to maintain a suitable depth for 
shipping as the sea drift in that area continually sweeps the boulders 
in a westerly direction along the outer edge of the Boulder Bank)

I used to live in a house directly above the harbour and on still nights 
we could hear the rumbling of the stones as the currents moved these stones.

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