[TSL] Number of crew on the 3 masted ship, Sea in 1853
"Robert McKenzie" <> on 07/03/2013

G'day Listers
Trying to ascertain if the following crew would be sufficient to sail an 840
ton, three masted ship in ballast from Melbourne, Australia to Peru?
The crew of the Sea consisted of Captain Jas. McKay, Wm. McKay (chief
officer), W. Boyd (second ditto), Neil McLeod (boatswain), Carpenter,
seventeen able bodied seaman, one ordinary ditto, and two boys-in all,
twenty five.
On previous voyages she had crews of 40 and 37!
She was wrecked on Nepean Reef with this crew in 1853, and newspapers of the
day reported that some crew may have been in irons.
Would a crew of 25 be a 'normal' crew for such a vessel on such a journey?
There was one newspaper report that said she was bound for Sydney, Australia
then Peru.

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