[TSL] "Success" arrived Hobart Nov. 1849
Brett Weinberg <> on 11/02/2016


My GGG Grandmother, Rosanna Ogle, arrived in Hobart on “Success” in November 1849 with her 5 children, aged 10, 13, 14, 18 & 20 years of age, to reunite with her convict husband, John Ogle. I haven’t been able find the exact date that the ship arrived or when it left England. I’d be interested to know what the route may have been that it took, too.

According to a letter Rosanna wrote in 1849,  “ … i came out with my famley from England in the ship “SUCCESS”i paid 70 pound to Government for our pasages heare …”. This seems like a large sum of money for 1849 and I wonder if that was the usual fare ?

I’d appreciate any help.


Brett Weinberg
Buninyong, Victoria, Australia
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