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Richard <> on 04/05/2013

Hello listers

I just found a police record on Ancestry which says that my ancestor
arrived in Australia on the Princess in 1845.  His name was Peter Hawkins,
he came from Scotland, was born in 1823 and was a carpenter.  I'm not able
to find any record of a ship named Princess arriving in Australia in 1845
or any other year.  Assuming that the details may be approximate, the ship
could be the Princess Royal, which arrived in Port Phillip and Port Jackson
in June and July 1845.  This ship had 4 passengers and a lot of cargo.  So
I thought that Peter may have worked his passage to Australia as crew, as a
ship's carpenter or in another position.

Peter married Susan Rebecca Jones in Bathurst in 1849.  So he may have
disembarked in Port Phillip or Port Jackson and made his way to Bathurst.
 My query is whether any listers know of a ship called Princess; whether it
is possible to find crew lists for cargo ships in that period - or other
records such as a disembarkation list or certificate of arrival (don't know
the proper name); and what are the best places to search for this
information.  I'm going to Sydney on Wednesday and will be able to visit
the State Library, the SAG library etc.

Thank you for any advice

BTW, the police record on Ancestry is a discharge sheet.  In 1867 Peter was
discharged from Parramatta after serving 2 years for sheep stealing.
 Presumably the details about the ship were provided by Peter.  Would
the authorities have had access to other sources for this information?  I
know that if he was a convict the details of his arrival would be found  in
government records.

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