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Hi Marg,

Thanks for your reply. But there is a DOVE/EVANS marriage in England. From 
FreeBMD :-

Surname     First name(s)     Spouse     District     Vol     Page
Marriages Jun 1920
Dove     Gertrude     Evans     Prestwich     8d    739

I cannot be certain that is her marriage but I think it is highly probable. 
I believe she cancelled her voyage to New Zealand and got married and if I 
knew what MB meant it might be a clue to what happened to her thereafter. 
With the name EVANS it is difficult to know what records are hers. She might 
have stayed in the UK but there are possible emigration records for her.

Thanks again


PS Prestwich is a registration district in Manchester.

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> Hi All,
> There is a shipping record for Gertrude DOVE b c 1890 (aged 29), 
> saleswoman,
> destination New Zealand, departure date  27 May 1920 on Ancestry. Her line
> is faintly crossed out and MB, or something like that is written on that
> line. I assume that means she booked and didn't turn up, or cancelled. But
> which or could it be either. And what does MB mean? There is another woman
> crossed out as well but mine is crossed out in pencil and hers in red. Any
> significance?
> Any help gratefully received
> Christine
> PS I believe Gertrude went on to marry John EVANS the same year. I know 
> she
> married an EVANS at some stage.

Hi Christine

No Gertrude DOVE marrying in NZ to 1930  or any DOVE/ EVANS
marriage in FreeBMDs to 1930 and none in Ancestrys Australian
marriage indexes ( supposedly complete record 1788 - 1950 but
............ ?

Where did she go ?


Beautiful NSW Central Coast

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