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"Janette Stewart" <> on 04/08/2013

Hi, I am trying to find information on John Watson born about 1818, who left
England at about the age of 13, apprenticed as an engineer in about 1831.
According to newspaper stories about him  at the time of his death in Sydney
in 1889, he was at one time a member of the Merchant Service in New York and
was also part of the Black Ball Line in the U.S. He was apparently wounded
in the war between Mexico & the USA (c 1846-1847). Becoming weary of the
sea, he ended up coming to Sydney in about 1848.

I can find no record of his arrival in Sydney - family stories tell that
after arriving in Sydney, he went to work for Sir Joshua Bell at a property
called 'Jimbour' in QLD. This makes some sense, as he named one of his
houses in Balmain,' Jimbour'. Also named his other properties , 'Lincoln'
and' Gainsborough' and 'Grimsby' -making me think that he was born in

Ended up owning the Bald Rock Ferry business in Sydney, which later formed
into the company, known as John Watson & Co.

Could anyone advise how I could find names/lists of

.         Merchant  apprentices in about 1831 in England

.         Merchant Service seaman in New York

.         Merchant seaman in the U.S. Black Ball line.

I'm assuming he must have jumped ship when he arrived in Australia?




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