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"Janette Stewart" <> on 01/06/2013

Dear List

I am trying to track a John Colin Watson , who was reportedly born in
Gainsborough, England in 1818. He was apprenticed as an engineer at age 13
and went to sea. According to a letter he wrote, he '.He has had many
exciting and dangerous experiences, having been wrecked several times,
thrown among tribes who were cannibals, taken part in minor wars, was
wounded in the war between Mexico and the United States, lying in a
dangerous condition for several months. At one time he was a member of the
Merchant Service in New York, and was also of the well known Black Ball
Line. He spent many years whaling meeting with exciting experiences.
becoming weary of the sea, he came to the colonies in 1850'. I cannot find
any arrival for him . I have also tried finding just 'John Watson'. He
married in Sydney in 1853. I can't find him in any arrivals that I searched.

He lived in Balmain, Sydney, apparently having worked for a short time in
Queensland after he arrived.

He returned to England sometime around 1865 to collect an inheritance, but
again I can't find him departing or returning (which he did). I believe he
had links in Gainsborough and Grimsby as the houses he later built are so
named (from his inheritance).He appears in Sydney census in 1868.

Any advice appreciated on his shipping movements



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